Love your sexuality

Conscious Therapy & Energetic Healing:
How to heal your sexuality through the subconscious mind

No matter what your experience is or your sexual preferences, feeling free to express your creativity and sexuality in a natural way to you is one of the most important things in the life of a human being. It is a necessity, just like food and water and any blockages in expression can lead to feelings of powerlessness, deep suffering or sense of imprisonment. To feel empowered and free it is important to move past shame and guilt and recognize these blockages, so that we can release them and live our lives more authentically in our natural expression.

It is when we can fully accept ourselves that we become powerful, self-assured and vibrant in our lives. Tapping into this tremendous sexual energy and using it creatively, is one of the biggest things we can do to raise our consciousness, connect to the Divine and live our full potential.

What is Conscious Therapy & Energetic Healing?

With the help of tools from Tibetan Buddhism, Bon Shamanism, Australian Aboriginal Shamanism, Mindfulness that stems from Tibetan Buddhism, the work of Louisa Hay as well as Tao and Yogic philosophy, I will gladly accompany you on your path from Fear to Love, and help you release, whatever it is you want to release or change. We were all born to enjoy Life and it is possible to create the life we desire!

What is Rigpa Energetic Healing (REH) 
What is Dharma Shamanic System (DSS) 
What is a Conscious Therapist
How can I prepare? 
What happens during a session? 

Online or live Conscious Therapy & Energetic Healing session:

Sessions cost 225.- ex BTW

Usually a session lasts 1-3 hours, with an average of 2 hours. 

How long a session lasts can depend on how much work you are willing to put into it, or how fast you can find the root cause of your visit. For an initial session I would advise to take the day off. Recurrent sessions can be less time consuming, once one is more used to Energetic Healing.

Sometimes only 1 session is needed, often people come back for a duration of time. 

Location for live sessions: Center for Being or my Home.

If you have any wishes concerning location, please share these with me during the booking. I want my services to be available for all. If you have any problems financially (specifically below minimal income), please contact me privately.

For whom?

Conscious Therapy & Energetic Healing is for anyone who wants to evolve themselves, anyone who is willing to listen to the language of the heart and to live in accordance with it. It could be for anyone who has experienced trauma, abuse, rejection, sexual addictions, experiencing a creative block, experiencing repression in natural expression, experiencing feelings of powerlessness, experiencing shame, guilt or fear regarding creativity or sexuality. It could be for anyone who wants to find more balance between feminine and masculine energies. For people who were educated in believing sex is bad or any other belief that limits the natural expression. This therapy is for people who want to improve their relationship with themselves and others.

People wanting to experience more freedom, more love, more health, more peace, more joy in their lives. For people ready to live their lives in full authenticity. For people who want to express themselves in a natural way and in freedom!

Why book a private session?

  • To let go of guilt
  • To let go of shame
  • To let go of trauma
  • To heal the body
  • Simply to feel and connect from the Heart
  • To let go of fears or limiting beliefs
  • To balance the feminine and masculine energies
  • To heal relationships
  • To heal the sexual identity
  • Possible Benefits

  • More freedom
  • More creative expression
  • More autenticity
  • Feeling empowered
  • More inner peace
  • More (self-)acceptance
  • More (self-)love
  • Walk out of the session feeling more connected from the Heart
  • Feeling lighter & more space
  • I would like to add that no results can be defined ahead of time. I am not a healer. I am here to help you remember. You can heal yourself. Life is completely unpredictable and will give us whatever it is, we need at that moment in time. Please come to the session with an open mind. Anything can happen!

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