What happens during a session?

I’ll receive you at my house or we will connect online. Here I invite you to tell me what you are coming for and I will ask you the question ‘how may I help you’. If your answer is not specific we will spend time investigating together, so we can find the core issue. If your answer is very specific we will get straight to the energetic treatment. If we meet in person, you will be lying on a massage table with your clothes on and a blanket over you. If we meet online you may be lying comfortably in your home or sitting in a chair. You close your eyes and you don’t have to do anything. The treatment is a combination of Rigpa Energetic Healing and healing practices from Aboriginal Shamanism (40.000 years old), as well as other subjects and influences I have studied. See full list below. These are all natural forms of energy work. On a physical level you can sometimes notice a slight touch of my hand. Anything else you experience during a treatment is unique for everyone. And especially in your experiences in daily life you can notice the effects of a session.

You don’t have to believe in anything to undergo treatment. You just have to be open to treatment and the rest will come naturally. If it is applicable, I will send you an exercise after the session applied to your situation / experience by e-mail, so that you can get started at home!

The physical and emotional effect of the session can last up to 48 hrs. The effect varies from not feeling anything at all, to very subtle feeling relaxed or tired, to very emotional or even euphorical. Some people experience a catharsus, which is nothing more than an emotional release. Everything you will experience is part of the healing process, to bring you a step further. It can be nice to free yourself for the rest of the day or evening to have some time for yourself to reflect or just be. Often people take a walk in nature. Avoiding the analytical mind and sometimes even speech, can prolongue agreeable or relaxed feelings.
The positive impact can be on numerous areas of your life and can last up to 21 days. Its not uncommon to experience seemingly magical things after one or more sessions.