Dharma Shamanic System

Dharma Shamanic System (DSS) is an energetic healing system. DSS combines the ancient traditional form used by Tibetan shamans (over a thousand years ago) with the form used by Australian aboriginal shamans (40 thousand years ago).

It is a simple, dynamic and powerful system with which you can literally erase or remove memories or toxic information from the body, the emotional system and the mind.

One of the many great benefits is modifying the past by acting on timelines that affect the present moment. This energetic method allows to return the frequency, the energy, and the vibration of each being, to their natural state: free of fears and stress. This method has a revolutionary view within alternative therapies; as it makes modifications in the subconscious mind that produce noticeable changes in the biological and energetic field of the person (or living being) that receives it.

When you receive a session in which the Dharma Shamanic System is applied, you return to your natural state of peace and inner harmony from where healing and well-being is possible.

Some other of the many benefits that DSS provides:

  • Dissolves painful and toxic memories from the past leading the person to live longer in the present moment
  • Frees people from resentments, judgments and emotional distress
  • Leads the receiver to have a lucid mind with an optimistic tendency and a desire to live
  • Will help you and others to transcend imposed limitations and live in a freer and more authentic way
  • Interacts in unity with the energy of Mother Earth and the Universal healing energy

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