How can I prepare?

Open your mind
Trust Life
Be curious

First of all, congratulations on taking the next step in your journey! What ever the outcome, this will be a step forward. I am honored you chose me to accompany you. What you can do to prepare is to start answering the question I will ask you during our meeting: ‘How may I help you?’

The more specific you are in finding the core issue, the more specifically I can help you. For example if you come and say ‘I would like you to help me with pain in my body’, and you cannot tell me where the pain is, it will be harder to help you. If you come and say ‘I have pain in my left elbow, can you help me with this?’, it will be easier for me to help you notice positive changes. If you come and ask me ‘can you help me with my left elbow? It hurts since 3 years and I cannot move it when I put pressure on it. My mother died at that time, and since then my elbow hurts’. This will be very specific and you will get more specific results by being specific with your answer to ‘how may I help you’.

If that reason is not entirely clear, that is no problem at all. I can always help you find the more specific answer. Its important for you to know and remember that healing is your process and you are in charge of this. I am not a doctor or healer that will magically make things go away for you. This is your life and you make the choices. If you put in the work and dedication, I will match it with 100%. I will always give you my best. Another important thing is that I cannot guarantee any results. I never know what is going to happen beforhand and Life is the one guiding us. So whatever needs to happen, will happen. Part of the process is to remain open and trusting towards Life and receive whatever gifts it wants to give us with gratitude.