From Fear to Love

Are you ready for more love?

Transform fear to love

The simple act of awareness is the first and biggest step towards leading a Life with more Love.
By living more from our hearts and our bodies, we can let go of any limitations and return to our natural state of being and live a life with more ease, more peace, joy, health, happiness, gratitude, freedom, compassion and love. 


Transformation, or change, is not always easy. Sometimes it can be scary. 

Whether it is through the body, thoughts & emotions, work, relationships or sexuality; my mission is to help myself and others to connect, create and live from the heart.

Learn how to feel at home in your body through yoga and meditation. As the founder of Mindfullness, Thich Nhat Hanh, says ‘the first step to loving ourselves more, is feeling at home in our body’.

Let go of fear, thoughts, emotions, illness or any other unneeded luggage in your Life, as well as create more health, joy, peace, freedom, abundance and Love in your Life, through private Conscious Therapy & Energetic Healing sessions or downloading a meditation.

Move past shame, guilt and need of security, and feel more empowered and free in your sexuality through private Conscious Therapy sessions.

Do what you love, and love what you do. Discover your purpose and lead from the Heart through individual Self-discovery sessions.

What is Love? And what is the opposite of Love? Find out more in our From Fear to Love workshops series for individuals and schools.

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I am here to accompany you in your journey to more Love!