Love your body

As the founder of Mindfullness, Thich Nhat Hanh, says ‘the first step to loving ourselves more, is feeling at home in our body’. I invite you to learn how to feel at home in your body through yoga and meditation. Because of my personal experience where I wasn’t always safe in my body, I used the mind and the heart to escape my body. I learned that being in your body empowers, being in the NOW empowers, this is why these practical tools of physical movement of yoga and meditation are things I want to share with you. Our body is our Temple and the vessel we get to use to experience Life. Let us enjoy it!

Yoga from the Heart

Eleven years ago I met my teacher who inspired me to step on to my yoga mat for good. From that moment onwards, something changed in me. I slowly started to take more time for myself, to nurture myself, I allowed myself to feel and to accept what is there, which led to a total transformation of myself, how I see the world and of my life.

My first impression of yoga was a feeling of being at home, this safe heaven where I could nurture myself and heal every aspect of my body, my being and my life. After 8 years of training with my beloved teacher Anat Geiger (the main assistant to Paul Grilley, founder of Yin yoga), I decided I wanted to share this experience with others, so I completed two Functional Yin and one Functional Vinyassa teacher trainings where I learned a lot about anatomy and how every body is different, as well as a lot about yoga philosophy and Chinese medicine and how to balance and harmonize energy.

My quest to learn how to balance and harmonize energy has led me to my second teacher Jose Antonio Manchado, and to study many different things such as Tibetan Buddism, Bon Shamanism, Australian Aboriginal Shamanism or Taoism. It has brought yoga as a principle for my daily life. Yoga teaches me that everything we encounter in our lives is a reflection of ourselves. And this is what I bring to my classes. Yoga helps to brings these reflections into clarity, supports self- inquiry, acceptance, self-love, compassion, but also to not take yourself or your life too seriously 😉

Meditation from the Heart

Are you ready to practise by yourself? I will be sharing with you some powerful meditations that have helped me and continue to help me in my transformation. Most of these meditations have been transmitted to me through my teachers. I therefor take zero credit for them and am simply happy to share with them with more people

Wishing you much fun in the process, enjoy the ride!

As soon as the meditations are available I will write a blog about it!

In the meantime if you are curious, please write us a message and check out our YouTube channel

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What can you expect?

I am not interested in what you look like; I am interested in how you feel!

Typically I like to improvise during a class. I never know what is going to happen beforehand. I teach in constant flow, from the Heart, and let Life decide what it wants to give. I therefor rarely feel like it is me who gave the class, and feel more like a channel just letting inspiration run through me. This is probably one of the reasons I enjoy teaching so much!

The feeling of connecting with our bodies, of honouring our bodies, the feeling of deep peace or working out a sweat is so incredibly rewarding. During a class I often incorporate different things such a breathing practises, or sometimes even partner practices. Occasionally, if the group is ready for it, we might dive deep into a healing meditation or we could practise an ancient Tibetan practise to release fear and create more Love. I have developed my own practise of yoga, combining the Functional Yin & Yang yoga, as well as Buddhism and Tibetan Shamanism, built on the foundation of connecting with the Heart.

I look forward to seeing you in a class and now happily share the following ☺:

Functional Yin yoga
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