Love your work

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

Carl Jung

Leadership & Self-discovery sessions

Do what you love, and love what you do. Discover your purpose and lead from the Heart through individual Leadership & Self-discovery sessions. These sessions are about finding lasting motivation and fulfillment.

Why do you get out of bed in the morning? Because I must for …… money, boss, children, someone else, or because I love…. My life. The reason you get out of bed in the morning defines your life and shifting from I must to I love can be one of the most powerful transformations you could make for yourself.

When we chose something we love, or we chose to love what we chose, we are intrinsically motivated. In essence we are acting forth out of love and creating, instead of watching our life go by. It is for this exact reason why our work is so important. It has nothing to do with status or money or even accomplishment. It has everything to do with fulfillment. Finding fulfillment in ones life is one of the most rewarding things, as no exterior factor can touch this. It is a gift you experience from the inside that shines such gratitude and enthusiasm, that it becomes apparent to everyone around you and can even become contagious. In fact there are many, many theories how this is the exact ingredient to success. It’s a win-win situation.

For whom?

Leadership & Self-discovery sessions is for everyone searching for more fulfillment in work. Weather it be a career change, setting up a new business, or how to manage a team or company, taking the leads in the direction your heart is showing you will bring this fulfillment as well as bring you success. As a Personal Branding coach & trainer I have helped over 500 clients move closer towards their purpose and get exited & inspired again about their work. Next to coaching individuals, I have helped many companies restructure their organization and improve their team management. I am able to get to the core of things, thanks to my focus, the Heart.

Why book a private session?

  • To discover what kind of work I want to do
  • To find my motivation/passion
  • To find the motivation of my team/company
  • To chose my direction
  • To find fulfilment and purpose
  • To offer fulfilment and purpose to my team/company
  • To build more meaningful relationships in my company
  • To become an inspiring leader
  • To become a person who inspires others
  • To lead from the Heart
  • Self-discovery sessions

    Individual sessions (online/offline) are 1,5 hour and cost 105.- ex BTW. Depending on the demand, it is advised to book several sessions, between 2-4 to find ones purpose. 

    In some cases work can be so enmeshed with our personal identity, that some form of Conscious Therapy & Energetic Healing can be effective.

    Leadership sessions

    Team or company management sessions can last several hours and are charged by the hour and cost 125.- ex BTW per hour. The sessions are between you, the leader, the manager the boss, the director or executive and myself. Just like the individual sessions, Conscious Therapy & Energetic Healing can give you a head start and incredible insights, which can bring rapid transformation within yourself and your company.It is also possible to support implementation by giving workshops to the team. A workshop of 3 to 4 hours costs 450.- ex BTW.

    Sessions take place either in your office, online, or from one of the locations of Het Coachhuis throughout the Netherlands

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