Love Education

Workshops adults

We all want love.
But what is love exactly? And why do we not experience love all the time?
During this workshop series we will go through the basics of love and the subconscious mind, and you will receive tools to let go of fear and limiting beliefs and we will practice the most powerful tool of them all: dropping into your heart.

If you have been a student in any of Erika’s yoga classes, you will know that she practices and shares ‘dropping into the heart’ at every class and every occasion possible. After a decade of studying yoga, meditation and different forms of energy and a lifetime of studying the subject of the Heart, Erika has been lucky to receive beautiful tools from Tibetan masters. These powerful tools, which she will share with you, stem mainly from Tibetan Buddhism & Bon Shamanism, and are intended to remove liming beliefs and fear, and to live a life with more Love, peace and freedom.

For whom?

  • for people wanting to receive an introduction to the subconscious mind
  • for people who want more love in their lives
  • for people ready to let go of fears and limiting beliefs
  • for people who are curious to their inner child and want to heal
  • for people who have this sense of needing security and want more freedom instead
  • for people in need of external validation, who want to discover themselves.
  • for people who seek control and do not trust the flow of life and want to change that
  • for people wanting to take responsibility for their lives
  • for people who want to raise their consciousness
  • for people who want to invest in their personal growth
  • for people who want to share a conscious relationship
  • For any yoga student of mine wanting to go deeper
  • For any Conscious Therapy client of mine who wants to learn how to D.I.Y
  • This workshop series is currently not being given yet, due to Corona. As soon as the workshop series is available, you will find the information right here.

    Workshops children

    What is Love exactly? And who are the great masters? Children! There is nothing to teach children about Love. They come in to this world to teach us grown ups about Love. In fact the best thing we can do as adults or education guardians, is to help children remember. To remember what we all forget as we are born into this world and to help children unlearn all that is in fear what they have already learned from their surroundings.

    The biggest message to children is: you are free to express yourself and to live the life of your dreams! Anything is possible. What do you dream of?

    These workshops are given at primary schools between the ages of 8 to 12. For more information please visit or contact me by email.

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