Fear to Love

In life there are two basic intentions: love and fear.
Love expands. Love creates possibilities. Love heals.
Fear diminishes our perspective. It is the virus of the mind. It blocks our perception and inhibits wisdom, guidance and direction. It creates limitations in our lives.

We tend to act from a place of psychological fear more often than we would like to believe.
It is only when we become conscious of our intention, that we can direct it towards love. Fear will never give the solution. At best fear will fight the problem. And this is how we lose our inner peace on a daily basis.

From fear to Love is here to help you find a real solution, to change your vibration and place yourself outside of the problem. What is it that you do want? What is it that you love? The solution will come from your expanded awareness.

Meet The Founder

Erika Kennedy

Erika Kennedy is a Conscious Therapist, Functional yoga teacher, meditation instructor, Leadership & Self-discovery Consultant, and a survivor of severe childhood trauma. She has used these experiences of deep suffering and perceived darkness to transform herself and her life towards love, compassion, peace and kindness.

Her work is based on personal experience of a 25-year transformational healing journey. She is a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, Bon Shamanism, Aboriginal Shamanism, Mindfulness, Yin & Yang yoga and soon to be an author.

These experiences gave her great understanding of both the light and the shadow in things such as power, truth, fear, health, death, love, kindness and compassion, and this has pushed her to learn to move from fear to Love and to start her awakening.

After working for many outstanding organizations in the creative arts field for almost 20 years, and coaching over 500 entrepreneurs as a Personal Branding coach & trainer, she is now following her dream she had 20 years ago: creating and sharing good vibrations, stepping into authenticity by sharing her truth and supporting others on their journey to Love!

‘Little did I know that when I was 8 years old I would have a vision that was to give direction to the rest of my life. One day while standing on the school playground, I had a vision of a Heart; a heart that loved unconditionally, and without judgment, that was loyal to every single being. It loved everything and everyone, without any exception. Little did I know that this vision would become my guide in life, that it would become my purpose and line of work.

My experiences have taught me all the ins and outs of fear. They have taught me the difference between fear and love. Most importantly they are teaching me what love truly is. This is why it has become my mission to learn the difference between fear and love, move into a state of Love permanently and to share this with the world.

In essence we are all Love. All we need to do is to remember and to let go of any illusion that helps us to forget. Lets help each other remember. Lets help our children remember.

Finding that inner voice, finding that connection to yourself, letting your heart guide you, is probably one of the most valuable things you can do in your life. This will bring you true happiness, true freedom, true inner peace, loving what you are doing, loving what you are living, loving who you are, and it will make you fall in love with your life!

– Erika Kennedy