Core Values

Three words to describe my values:

LOVE: this is the most important thing in my life. Ever since I was a child and this will remain so the rest of my life. In this Love, I am compassionate, forgiving, understanding and caring. This is the greatest force in me. Love is the all-uniting force of which everything in our existence is created from. It is peace, freedom, joy, compassion, it is the force that lives in the Kingdom of Heaven, our Heart.

TRUTH: I have the courage to keep facing the truth, no matter how sharp the blade cuts. I see how the truth is the highest form of love and purity. The opposite of truth is illusion and this is love that is clouded with impurities. I keep serving Truth, no matter how my perception is shattered. And shattered it will be. The truth for me is the blade that cuts away at the impurities of illusion and is therefor the highest tool for awakening. In truth lies acceptance and is the path to Beauty.

LOYAL: I will walk with you. No matter your path, no matter your story, I will walk with you with Love. I will understand you, without judgment. I will accompany you on your path from Fear to Love, on your path to raising your consciousness. I can do this because I am first and foremost Loyal to MYSELF.