What makes me qualified

I have spent over 25 years studying personal development, transformation and change. Thanks to my personal life experience I have studied emotions, the physical body, group dynamics, behavior patterns, relationships, positive psychology, personal change, motivation, transformation, Taoism, Buddhism, yoga, love, fear, power, sex, money, health, compassion, harmony, energy, meditation, the subconscious mind and numerous other things.

With a little less than 10 thousand hours in training, to be exact 9925 hours, a large part of the principles in my methodology are inspired by my training in:

Conscious Therapist (level I & II) – healing from the Heart
Dharma Shamanic System (DDS) level I, II and III
Pre-mastership Rigpa Energetic Healing (REH) level I, II and III
Fear Liberation – recognizing and removing limiting beliefs
Meditation – various meditations from different origins; the observer, healing the inner child, letting go of family ties with love, radical acceptance, forgiveness, and many more.

Mindfulness Training
Functional Yin yoga (Anatomy, Meridians, Chakras, yoga Philosophy)
Functional Yang yoga (Anatomy, breath and Vinyasa)
Louisa Hay (How to heal your life)
The art of Tao Mantak Chia
Asian Leadership Academy
Positive psychology coaching
Acceptance Commitment Therapy
Motivational interviewing
Provocative coaching
Solution-oriented coaching
Carrol Dweck (Growth mindset)

Furthermore the following studies have helped me to guide others in their work:

Minor Communication & Marketing (HBO)
Art management & Economics (HBO) – with honours

And all this training has helped me develop my self-expression, understanding of sound and the voice and how this relates to our sexuality and most importantly is has helped me develop my physical body and my understanding of movement, energy and health:

8 years of singing in a choir

20 years of private singing and sound expression lessons

13 years of classical piano training

15 years of ballet training, gymnastics, Karate, ice skating, skiing, badminton, horseback riding, tennis, hockey and rowing.

As I remain an eternal student and it is my passion to learn, the list will grow longer and longer, as i continue to know less and less…

In deep gratitude for everything I have been given and all the opportunities I have received to learn, thank you especially to my parents, my family, my son, Anat Geiger & Marcel van de Vis and Jose Antonio Manchado, from the bottom of my heart, that I may now share this with others.

Thank you to LIFE!