Forgiveness Workshop at Ruigoord

Forgiveness Workshop

for everyone who is not yet enlightened!


New Pathways Festival Ruigoord

꧁ From the Dark to the Light ꧂

May 26thth 2022


Language: English


–   PEACE   –   LOVE   –   FREEDOM


Like Burt Bacharach once sung: ‘What the world, needs now, is LOVE, sweet love…’

And so do we all. Or maybe even better, allow life to remove any resistance towards remembering what our true nature is, which is pure love.

During this workshop I would like to share with you some forgiveness practices that have helped me, and that continue to help me to let go of this resistance and to transform my life. If you are looking for more peace whether it is inside yourself, your relationships or in the world; the tools I will share during this workshop have been helping me acquire more peace in my life. This in itself is a blessing and a gift.



This workshop is for everyone who is not yet enlightened;

For everyone who wants more peace, within themselves or the world; for everyone who is in conflict, either with themselves or with someone or something else. This workshop is for everybody who wants to take responsibility for their emotional hygiene, for everyone who wants to ‘keep their own front steps clean’; for everyone who would appreciate a new perspective and who desires a different outcome or experience in life; for everyone who would like a clean slate.

Also for people who have trouble letting go of the past, who have suffered loss or suffer from guilt and regret. Anyone who has any kind of hurtful experience and continues to carry it along; for anyone who wants to let go of unneeded baggage;

And for people who cannot access their sadness and do not feel anything; for people who think they have nothing to forgive. And for people who believe their lives are perfect and want more real connection in their lives.

For people who have experienced deep trauma, and cannot let go; for people who suffer from resentment. For people who wish there would be justice. For people who want to be saved.

For people who judge themselves and others. For people who think they know it better. For people looking to improve their relationships or love life.

For people who feel resentment towards themselves or others; for people who are angry at themselves or others, for people blaming themselves or others, consciously or unconsciously. For people in search of freedom; for people in search of freeing their own suffering.

And of course this workshop is also for people who want to improve the world, who want to make this planet a better place; for people who want world peace and want to contribute to this; for people who want to take responsibility for their lives.

For people who want to heal themselves, from anything; for people who want to love themselves more or learn to be more compassionate towards themselves.

This workshop is for everyone who would like to experience more space, more peace, more freedom and more love.



This is the most powerful tool, to heal anything in your life. It is the best way to let go of any layers, any resistance, any filter influencing your perspective resulting in an outcome based on fear.

This workshop could potentially allow you to let go of:

Anger, resentment, fear, guilt, shame, blame, control, judgment and all kinds of emotions you didn’t even know you were holding on to. This process is called emotional hygiene.

And it could potentially influence or have a positive impact on:

Your body

How you feel

Your thoughts

Your perception

Your relationships

Your health

Your entire life

Your choices and actions

When there is less suffering and less fear, it is easier to remember our true nature. It is easier to see the world with love and to take action with love. It is easier to see ourselves with love, or rather it is easier for us to experience ourselves through the eyes of love;

Allowing more love, peace and freedom to enter your life.

The way to transform the world, is by starting with yourself.



Erika Kennedy has been a Functional yoga teacher and meditation instructor since 2018. Since 2017 she practices Rigpa Energetic Healing and later in 2019 she started practicing Dharma Shamanic System and Reiki, thanks to her wonderful teacher Jose Antonio Manchado. Next to regular group classes, workshops and retreats, she also gives private sessions. She was brought to this path, thanks to an illness. After being chronically ill for 10 years, she found ways, thanks to Jose, to learn how to heal herself. Today she also helps others on their path to healing, or rather remembering who we truly are.

Since Life always only gives you what you need, after healing myself physically, I started the next challenge to heal myself emotionally, mentally, my relationships and my entire life. I am still very much in the process of this and I am humbling learning every day. There is still so much to discover!

By no means am I in any way finished forgiving, and I am also in no way more advanced than anyone else by giving a workshop. I have just been challenged quite a lot by life (and I still am). This has pushed me to learn all kinds of ways to lessen my suffering. Forgiveness is one of the most transformative ways, in my experience.

Since I do not know better than you, I can only share about my experience. And in my experience forgiveness has changed (and still is changing) my life. It has changed my physiology, my thoughts, my emotions, my perception and it is changing my relationships. Its the most beautiful gift anyone could offer themselves, or another. It is the most beautiful gift one could offer to the world.

Like Mother Theresa says I believe, if everyone would clean their own doorsteps, the world would be a different place!

This workshop is all about taking responsibility for your own emotional and mental hygiene. It is about creating more space in your life, or even in your body. It has the power to let go of shame, guilt, fear or judgment. The same as it relinquishes control, blame and judgment of others.

The power of forgiveness is immense!

Lets create more love, more freedom and more peace; in ourselves, in our lives and in the world.



You can expect it to be quite practical. Yes, there will also be some explaining and some theory just to have a point of reference. This workshop is especially about experiencing what the practice(s) do to you. It doesn’t matter if you are a steady meditator or if this is your very first time. Everyone is welcome and everyone can go at their own pace. This workshop applies for complete beginners as well as people well on their path. If you are not yet enlightened, then this workshop is for you. Even if you already have a steady forgiveness practice.

Potentially there could be some movement, if not in yourself then maybe in a neighbor. In some cases there might even be a catharsis. It’s important to not compare yourself to others, for everyone has their unique journey. If someone does have a catharsis, be happy for them. This is completely natural and they are having an (emotional) release. This calls for celebration. You will receive simple guidelines beforehand, as to what a catharsis is and how to react to one, if you notice one in yourself or someone else.

The important message is that there could be some emotional (or physical) release and that this is very welcome. Be open for potential transformation. The best thing is to have no expectations and to see what happens.

One thing you can expect: after the workshop you will have experienced and take home with you, a practice that brings you more love, more peace and more freedom. You will know how to practice Forgiveness, which will let go of things for good. You will be able to practice this any time, anywhere on your own. This is why it’s important to bring a notebook and pen (D.I.Y.).



The location is simple and free. There are yoga mats and blankets available. Feel free to bring your own or anything else that you find comfortable. You will be sitting and lying down for 2 hours, and no break.

You do not need to prepare anything, except for maybe bringing a notebook along.

We will supply:

  • yoga mats
  • blankets & blocks

Things for you to bring along:

  • comfortable clothing
  • (optional) own yoga mat
  • (optional) blanket or warm sweater & socks
  • notebook and pen
  • (optional) your own water bottle or drink

The workshop will start on time, so make sure you are on time. After we start there will be no entry to ensure the intimate setting.

If you have any questions, please write to:

We very much look forward to receiving you! J

May we all find our inner peace and share it with the world.

Much love,

Erika Kennedy


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