Being ONE with the Universe

Being ONE with the Universe

Sound healing circle – From the Heart

The Art of Vibration

Connecting from the heart in joy and freedom.


Saturday 13th August 2022 at 13.30 – 15.30

Workshop Landjuweel – Natural High

Language: English


Being ONE with the Universe – Sound healing circle – From the Heart – Erika Kennedy *******************************************


Dear friends, this workshop is about connecting to the heart and expressing your true nature. Allowing yourself to connect to the Inner Being, the Divine and from there expressing yourself by singing with love in the most natural way. Each cell and organ of our body vibrates at a certain frequency. When an organ is healthy its vibratory frequency is in harmony with the rest of the body. With our voices we allow sound to bring us (back) to a natural state of well-being and experience the healing of Sound.


We welcome you to meditate and dive (deeper) into your hearts. When we are fully in our hearts, we will gather in a circle for a sound healing experience. Be prepared to Let go… of any expectations, any fears, any limitations. Allow yourself to let go. Together we create a sound circle from the heart with the universal sound AUM (OM). Connecting from a place of love, we create sound that will be healing for the ones creating and for the ones receiving. When you remember the connection to your Inner Being, the more you give, the more you receive.




Erika is a practitioner of Rigpa Energetic Healing, Dharma Shamanic System and Reiki Usui. These beautiful healing practises have profound effects on the awareness and (energetic) well being of every living being. The powerful energy system of Rigpa was created by Tibetan monks thousands of years ago, based on the Medicine Buddha teachings and was only past on and taught amongst them. These techniques remained sealed and secret until approximately 25 years ago when they started step by step to share them with the world. Dharma Shamanic System (DSS) is an energetic healing system that combines the ancient traditional form used by Tibetan shamans (over a thousand years ago) with the form used by Australian aboriginal shamans (40 thousand years ago). These tools interact directly with the vibrations of the Being, working as well with the energy of the earth. These energetic systems allow the vibrational frequency of the individual to increase on the physical, mental, and energetic level.


Next to being a practicioner in these beautiful healing therapies, Erika is also a Functional yoga teacher and meditation instructor and she has studied sound, music and vocals through two decades of teachers, as well as writing her own music, performing with her band, and singing in a choir for many years. An experience of seeing the sound she was producing from her own throat, transform into light coming out of every poor in her skin, led her to understand how healing sound can be. Erika had one dream 20 years ago: to create good vibes. Combining healing and sound is a dream come true and she is very exited to share this experience together.




I am very grateful and so very happy to be able to share this experience with you and deeply grateful to LIFE, for any wisdom Life will gift us with.


May we be in ONENESS with the Universe J

With love & joy,




It is important to note that this sound circle is a healing practice. During a healing practise anything can happen. It is possible to experience a catharsis during a healing practise. Please read what is a catharsis before joining. Be prepared to embrace any experience 😉


Erika also offers private energetic healing sessions during Landjuweel. For more information about energetic healing or any of the above, please contact me via email.


Description from previous experiences:

Magical, angelic, overwhelmingly beautiful, healing, heavenly, divine harmony, stillness, we became the sound.