Or as my teacher Jose Antonio calls it, assepteance : )
What does this really mean?
Acceptance is Love. Fully accepting Life, without judgement, without resistance,
without fear. No matter what it is, from a little fly to a murder, acceptance is the key to
living in Love. To accept means to be in expansion. When you do not accept, you are
in resistance. When you are in resistance, you live contracted. When you are
contracted you are in protection; protection, separation, competition, judgment…
As Jose says you can only have one master: Fear or Love. Which one will it be?
He also says acceptance does not mean to stay in a situation that is disturbing our
inner peace. Like for example if our husband is hitting us, acceptance does not mean
to stay in that situation and say ‘he’s my master, I am learning from him, I must
accept the situation and myself more’. No, acceptance is to fully accept what is going
on: ‘ok, my husband is hitting me’. And then take action. I fully accept the situation
and I decide to leave now.
So what would this mean in my situation? What are my fears? What is it I cannot
accept? When do I feel tension? When do I feel expansion? These are questions we
can ask ourselves daily to bring more clarity and more inner peace. As we discover
our fears and learn to let go of them, we uncover another layer and make our way to
shine through what we truly are, nothing less than pure LOVE!